Phoebe Legere is an experimental composer, painter, media, installation and performance artist whose work has been presented widely throughout the United States, Asia and Europe. Phoebe Legere's Multi-Format art flaunts color, sound and sensuality, provocation, language and lyricism. Her Gesamtkunstwerk issues from a powerful and intimate internal voice, reaching out to connect to the Divine in all its multiplicitous forms.


Shakespeare and Elizabeth: The Reality Show
book, music, lyrics
Phoebe Legere

The Shakespeare authorship question is settled in this hilarious new musical comedy about love, war, espionage and creative genius.


***with 10 new Phoebe Legere songs
available on the new album "Shakespeare and Elizabeth" COMING SOON!
Opens November 29, 2013

Read a partial list of some other great
Phoebe Legere musicals, plays and live art performances.

Scripts are available for your local, youth and community theater groups!

See Phoebe Legere's SHAMANCYCLE:
a Monster 18-Person Eagle Vehicle that
runs on Sun and Wind !
Phoebe Legere, a Native American educator,
will visit your school to talk about
environmental respect. She brings a live Eagle
with her and teaches songs and dances from the stage
of the Shamancycle!


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We use Solar Power, Pedal Power and Horizontal Golden Spiral Logarithmic Turbines!

Some Photographs of Phoebe Legere

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