Upcoming Events


Recording a new All French CD in Montreal for Artic Records

JULY 24 - JULY 30


in Emmaus, PA

Art and Music for Children of Low-Income Communities

Friday, August 4

Steel City Coffeehouse, Phoenixville, PA

August 7

Galaxy Hut, Arlington, VA


September 12

Afterglow Festival
Provincetown, MA

September 16

Bull Run, Shirley, MA

September 23

GrotonFest, Groton, MA

September 30

Jalopy’s, Brooklyn, NY

October 15
Northeast Tour

November 15

New Blood, New City Festival New York, NY


January 12  - February 3

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 

Phoebe Legere stars in

her new play SPEED QUEEN 

Fort Lauderdale