Upcoming Events

May 12
Turning Point, Piermont, NY
Special guest Gregg the Fiddler Holt and Smitty Smith on Lap Steel

May 20
One Woman Art Show & Music Concert
Buttonwood Tree

Middletown, CT

May 29
Godfrey Daniels
Bethlehem, PA

June 9 
LIVE on Woodstock Radio 12 Noon with MK! 

June 11
Quinns, Beacon, NY
Special guest, the amazing David Rothenberg!

July 4
Stephens Talkhouse, Amagansett, NY Long Island

July 7
Chans, Woonsocket, RI

September 9
Afterglow Festival
Provincetown, MA

September 16
Bull Run, Shirley, MA

October 7
Groton Fest

October 15
Northeast Tour TBA

New Blood, New City Festival:

First public reading of Phoebe Legere's new play with songs:
SCHMATTA! Savage Inequalities in the Rag Trade
at Theater 4 the New City