Composer - New York, NY

Phoebe Legere: Composer in New York, NY

Phoebe Legere is a composer in New York, NY, as well as a music director and conductor of the Lower East Side Children's Chorus.

Legere has developed a new theory of music pedagogy for the 21st Century.

Dalcroze had Eurythmics, Orff had Orff Instruments, Kodaly had Hungarian Folk Songs.

Phoebe Legere has a theory that all American music derives from the intersection of Acadian music, M'kmaq spiritual medicine songs and West African Shamanic drumming. 

To book her Lecture "Creativity, and the Native American Roots of Jazz" write to: 

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Legere sings in French, Abenaki, M'kmaq, English, German, Chinese, Italian and Spanish.

"Her teaching mission is a multi-cultural, interfaith song of joy and hope! In these dark, post-cultural days, thank God for Phoebe Legere" - Lower East Side Journal