Legere's  paintings and new soon-to-be released songs at Phoebelegereart.com

Phoebe's paintings at Rockland Pride Center| Opening June 4 |Juried Group Show

Phoebe Legere is a Transdisciplinary Artist. Her Multi-Format Artworks issue from a powerful and intimate internal voice, reaching out to connect to Being in all its multiplicitous forms." - Brooklyn Rail

Legere's primary subjects are the female body and reality of the Imagination.She uses oil, egg tempera and pure pigment to create her "Performance Drawings" sometimes using three brushes at once, or one collosal Japanese brush with which she paints while hanging suspended from a crane.

Both of her parents studied with Hans Hoffman in Provincetown. Her mother, a highly visual and authoritative figure, was the Art Director of the Harvard Coop in its glory days in the sixties and seventies.

As a teenager, Phoebe attached herself to figurative modern master and multi-format artist Larry Rivers who she calls her teacher, her tormentor and her rabbi. She also attached herself to Hilary Knight, a student of Reginald Marsh, and one of the greatest draftsmen in modern times. 

Legere was a founding member of the Monad Street Art Collective. Her all girl band 4 Nurses of the Apocalypse was a vibrant political art advocacy unit in the mid 90's. In 2006 she founded the New York Underground Museum to present, conserve, curate and preserve the work of the New York Underground, especially works by women artists, gay artists and outsider artists whose works are not held by major institutions.


Above: Legere designed the sets, props and costumes for her first political play with music, Hello Mrs. President about the first female president of color. It starred Rock N Roll Hall of Fame great Laverne Baker, with Legere as the First Partner.Here you see Flukey Schtinkler, of the fish party, debating Marylou Washington of the Eagle Party.

In 2013 Legere founded Las Mujers Salvajas de Loisaida. Painting and drawing are a part of Legere's daily practice

"IWhy try to fit into other peoples idea of what is normative creative activity? I reject all categories. Artist's cannot diminish themselves in order to make other people feel comfortable." Legere is the Executive Director of the Foundation for New Art Inc., a 501 (c)(3) that nurtures the visionary artists of tomorrow, bringing art and music to low income, at-risk children of the Lower East Side. 

below: "In Praise of Body Hair: Bears" 2013, oil, pigment, graphite and swarokski crystals on paper,  Collection, Leslie Lohman Museum

Phoebe with her

P.Legere with art: "Totem, wearable sculpture #4.

 Watch Legere's largest Art Work to date: The Shamancycle, a one ton ride-able Eagle sculpture made from junk cars and one thousand aluminum feathers.

The Shamancycle Story- feat: Love is Your Power! Directed by Phoebe Legere