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Phoebe Legere New York Musician and Artist - Shakespeare & Elizabeth

Shakespeare and Elizabeth: music, book and lyrics by Phoebe Legere

Production Photos: Jonathan Slaff

Cast: Zen Mansley, Crystal Field, Rhys Tivey, Phoebe Legere, William Niederkorn, Janette Johnston, Ben Reno and Michael Laporta.

Costume design Jennifer Anderson.

Fencing Coach and Stage Combat Choreographer William Giraldo.

Shakespeare consultant Lisa Rowe-Beddoe.

Period dances choreographed by Catherine Turocy of The New York Baroque Dance Company.

Set, props and special effects are by Phoebe Legere and David Zen Mansley. Lighting design Alexander Bartenieff.

Film within a Film Johna Mancini.

Lower East Side Musician And Artist